Guide and Benefits of Fencing

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Fencing is a great and challenging game of mental and physical agility, however the lessons of fencing exceed the remove. As coaches, one of the questions we hear most often is ‘Can fencing help my child get into college?’. The answer ‘Yes is!’. However, the advantages of fencing go far beyond college admission. Fencing provides unique opportunities for individual growth. Through the activity of fencing children can learn techniques and develop behaviors that will help them become successful in all aspects with their lives. Visit:

Why is fencing so Different?
Fencing instills prices of effort and dedication. It encourages rewards and tenacity courage and well thought risks. It develops respect for one’s do it yourself and one’s peers also. It teaches children that hard determination and work matter. Even though success is exactly what we train for, fencing forces children to handle defeat. It teaches resilience, persistence, and fortitude. It creates concentration, responsibility, and promotes goal setting.

It is a person sport, but this can be a team sport also. Losses and Victories are specific. But club and team aspect provide camaraderie and socialization and create a chance for lasting relationships.

Practice strategic thinking: Fondly known as “physical chess,” fencing is a casino game of strategy that engages both mind and body.

Maintain a healthy body:
Promote self-confidence: Not every child will master mainstream activities. Since fencing will involve a high degree of strategy, children who are strong athletes don’t necessarily have an advantage over analytical thinkers. Studies also show that children who are definitely more physically active demonstrate higher self-esteem

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Develop good sportsmanship: Fencing goes back to kings and nobility, and the practices of sportsmanship continue to this day. Every fencing bout starts with a salute to your opponent and ends with a handshake.

Instill self-discipline: Since fencing is an individual sport, fencers can see a direct correlation between their efforts and their achievements. Whereas in team activities, you can lose although you may play outstandingly still, in fencing your current performance is tied to your personal efforts.

Most importantly, fencing builds instills and assurance pride in one’s self applied. The ability to understand that is capable of achieving, all you have to do is be willing to work hard and apply oneself. Commitment, devotion, effort, and frame of mind are essential for creating the right results. Fencing is challenging but rewarding. It teaches children they have the capability to overcome obstacles and they are in charge of the bout final result.